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From deep and warm to harsh and aggressive - Su.b is a bass-oriented sample pack made using analog synthesizers, cassette tape, and analog preamps. The bass sounds include thick moog-ish tones, tape-drenched 808s, blown out distorted tones, and textural FX-heavy drones — ideal for DAWs and samplers.

It features:

50 bass tones, each in four registers (C1, G1, C2, G2)

40 drum and percussion one-shots

15 analog synth chord one-shots

28 patterns including bass lines, beats, melodies, and textures

275+ samples in total.

Sound demo at

All of the sounds were recorded at 48kHz 24bit via Apogee mic preamps and mastered for maximum detail, low end balance, and clarity. Keys and pitches are outlined in the filenames.

Featuring Tascam 424 MKI, Moog Matriach, Moog Sub Phatty, Sequential Prophet Six, SoundForce DCO, Joranalogue Generate 3, Steady State Fate Stereo Dipole filter, Autodyne compressor, Elektron Digitakt, and Korg MS20.

Performed, composed, and recorded by

Cover photo by Jay Frederick

(A technical note; many of the percussion samples’ transients begin immediately, which means you’ll want to turn off your DAW’s auto fade feature to avoid losing the punch.)

Purchase of this sample pack grants you a Creative Commons Attribution license for commercial and non-commercial use with attribution. Basically, put “features a sample by” wherever you list credits for your track/project/film/etc..

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