Pia_no Sample & Instrument Pack

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Pure yet noisy, intimate yet unstable - There's something magical about how piano sounds on tape. Pia_no was created using my acoustic piano - processed through tape, analog signal chains, effects pedals, or combinations of all of these. The main feature is the 18 multi-sampled instruments, included in three forms: Ableton Live Sampler Instrument Rack, Kontakt (full version, not Kontakt player), and Logic Sampler. Each instruments features 4-6 octaves of carefully recorded and processed tones, from intimate close mic'd hammers to washed out and tape degraded clouds. The result is 18 instantly playable instruments, each taking the piano sound in a unique direction.

In addition, Pia_no features 50 WAV files including loops, tones, and chords. These were created using tape looping, effects units, and bespoke signal chains. The results are wide ranging and unique, somtimes extremely lofi and degraded, sometimes harmonized, sometimes distorted.

Pia_no features:

  • 18 multi-sampled instruments, in three file formats
    • Live Sampler (req. Live Suite version 11.2.7 or later)
    • Kontakt (req. full version of Kontakt)
    • Logic Sampler
  • 50 WAV files
    • 25 Loops
    • 15 Tones
    • 10 Chords

You can hear an audio preview on the third slide above.

All of the sounds were recorded at 48kHz 24bit via UAD unison mic preamps and mastered for maximum detail, EQ balance, and clarity. Chords and pitches are outlined in the filenames.

Pia_no was made using many devices including my Sohmer & Sons upright piano, Tascam Portastudio 414 & 424, FoldyMakes modified portable cassette player, Death By Audio Echo Dream 2, Noise Engineering Kith Ruina, Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII, Chase Bliss Mood, and more.

INSTRUMENTS NOTE: The samplers in Live, Logic, and Kontakt are all slightly different and therefore there are subtle differences in how the patches sound in each each format.

KONTAKT NOTE: Occasionally Kontakt will have trouble finding it's WAV files, and will ask you to locate them when you try opening the instrument. You can follow the instructions at this link to fix it.

Performed, composed, and recorded by

Technical assistance on the Kontakt instruments by Leo Wyatt & Mark Summerell

Technical assistance on the Logic instruments by Chris Bartels

Purchase of this sample pack grants you a Creative Commons license for commercial and non-commercial use.

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Pia_no Sample & Instrument Pack

13 ratings
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