Machines - Drum Sample Pack

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From clean and punchy to broken and distorted, Machines features the sounds of classic drum machines processed through cassette tape. It includes one-shot kicks, snares, claps, high hats, cymbals, toms, claves, cowbells, and textures — all with that magical tape coloration.

Also included:

∙ Patterns from 70 to 124 BPM

∙ Analog bass tones including 808-style sub bass

∙ Chords, loops, arpeggios, and one-shot tones made from synthesizers and tape loops

200+ samples in total.

Sound demo at

All of the sounds were recorded at 48kHz 24bit via Apogee mic preamps and mastered for maximum detail, low end balance, and transient depth. Keys and pitches are outlined in the filenames.

Featuring Tascam 424 MKI, Tascam 414, Tuscan PortaOne, Moog Matriarch, Sohmer and Sons upright piano, Sequential Prophet Six, Autodyne compressor, and Elektron Digitakt.

Performed, composed, and recorded by

Cover photo by Jay Frederick

(A technical note; many of the samples’ transients begin immediately, which means you’ll want to turn off your DAW’s auto fade feature to avoid losing the punch.)

Purchase of this sample pack grants you a Creative Commons Attribution license for commercial and non-commercial use with attribution. Basically, just make sure to add “Features a sample by” in your text.

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